Ikebana in English 英語でイケバナ

Kyoto Trip from the class

One day in April 2015, I was given an opportunuity to give a presentation of ikebana to 274 people from the Philippines at Osaka Hilton Hotel. Their requests to my presentation included a lecture, demonstration of arranging ikebana arrangements and giving a lesson to the audience all in 90 minutes! The first two, the lectuer and the demonstartion were no problem for me, I thought. But giving a lesson to this many people in such limited time seemed impossible unless I have many assistants. I asked my students not only in Osaka but also in Hiroshima. Five ladies kindly replied and came to Osaka. Thus the event finished successfully. I led the five ladies to Kyoto in return on the following day. We were lucky to get a hotel by the Kamo-river near the Imperial Garden.

We visited Fushimi Inari Shrine which is the first prize winner in 'Trip Advisor'. First, we visited the deputy chief priest who is my aquaintance and I respect much. He welcomed us warmly and showed the whole inside of the guest house of the Shrine, which not anyone can have such an opportunity of. Green of the courtyard was beautiful and it refreshed us, I felt like I got much energy from it.
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Following the cours which the US First Lady Michelle Obama took a month ago here in Kyoto, we visited the Kiyomizu Temple next. We took a photo at the same point as that Michelle had done. Please take a look of the photo at my Facebook:)
前月アメリカのミシェル オバマ大統領夫人が京都で回られたと同じコースをまねて、次に清水寺に行きました。ミシェルと同じところで写真を撮ったりして、皆大はしゃぎ。その時の写真は、私のフェイスブックに誰かが挙げてくれています。そちらでどうぞ。

We hurried to the Kodaiji Temple in the early evening light. The garden was illuminated beautifully and it was magnificent! It was pity that I could not take many photos there...  
うす暗くなりかけの光の中を高台寺に急ぎました。ライトで照らされた庭の美しかったこと! 写真を沢山は撮れなかったのが残念です。
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