Ikebana in English 英語でイケバナ


La Busport 2018年 7月号 Vol. 118 転載


I went to Nertherlands last May in 2018. The Siebold Museum in Leiden would hold 'Japan fair' and I was invited to volunteer for showing ikebana there. I had known the story of Hydrangea related to Siebold and her love Takai, and I had been wanting to visit Leiden. I made an immediate reply to attend. Thus the main porpose of the trip was for introducing ikebana, but ,luckily, I could have some hours to go around the city.

The most impressive opportunity to give a demonstration for me was at the Burcht Fort made in 11th century. I wrote about it in my essay July version posted above, which is for the monthly tourism journal in Chugoku area which includes Hiroshima and Osaka.

City of Leiden
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Street Market
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National Museum of Nertherlands in Amsterdam

21fseDSC00591b.jpg 21fsDSC_2042b.jpg


Leiden University
24fseDSC00467b.jpg 27fseDSC00475.jpg

33fseDSC00522 b 34fseDSC00489.jpg

in Amsterdam
35fseDSC00385.jpg 37fseDSC00393b.jpg

39f7tya.jpg sDSC_2100.jpg

Burcht Fort in Leiden
41fsDSC_2083b.jpg 17CenBurchtb.jpg

42fseDSC00626b.jpg 43fsDe Burchtb

Siebold Museum in Leiden
44seDSC00529 b

45sDSC_2079b.jpg 47seDSC00602.jpg

48seDSC00613b.jpg 49sDSC_2051b.jpg

The trip was successful. I am grateful for having such a great opportunity. I worked for an airline when I was young. I flew to all the cities in the world which JAL had as its station except Amsterdam. Who could expect then I would go to the city Amsterdam many years later with my mission of introducing ikebna as a mean of world peace.

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