Ikebana in English 英語でイケバナ

Idaho Day!  アイダホ デイ!

The holiday season is a good time for the whole family members to get togather. This is the same throughout the world, I believe. The foreign students in my class, who usually live away from their home countries, are no exception. They share happy time and celebrate the holy day together. For that purpose, some go back to their countries, and some others call back their children to Hiroshima.
ホリデイシーズンは家族全員が集まるいい機会です。これは世界中どこでも同じだと思います。  普段、自国から離れて暮らすイケバナクラスの生徒さんにとっても同様です。ある方は帰国されますし、また、ある方は子供さんたちを広島の家に招かれます。

Ms. R left her parents in Hiroshima last June and went to Idaho where her relatives live to get into the university. She came back to her family in December. You will see her mother and sisters looking very happy.

The youngest sister E made an arrangement in the class. She took the ikebana classes at her school, and she made an arrangement beautifully.
10seDSC09932b.jpg 10seDSC09935b.jpg


This family also gathered in Hiroshima. Three sons visited their parents from Idaho. The whole family including Mr. H came to the ikebana class, and they made nice arrangements respectively. Please see also how handsome their sons are.
こちらのご家族も広島で集まり、三人の息子さんたちがアイダホから訪ねてきました。 父親のH氏ともども、皆さんでイケバナクラスにおいでになり、それぞれに、素敵な作品を制作されました。 作品と、ハンサムな息子さんたちのお顔もどうぞ。(^_-)-☆

2seDSC09892b.jpg 2seDSC09895b.jpg

5seDSC09902b.jpg 5seDSC09905b.jpg

3seDSC09896b.jpg 4seDSC09900b.jpg

6seDSC09911b.jpg 6seDSC09907b.jpg

8seDSC09921b.jpg 7seDSC09917b.jpg

She is from Idaho ,too! 彼女もアイダホからいらしています。
9seDSC09929b.jpg 10seDSC09932b.jpg



13seDSC09945b.jpg 11seDSC09958b.jpg


The day turned out to be an Idaho day.
この日は、何だかアイダホ デイみたいになりました。  ポテトのアイダホですよね(^_-)-☆

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