Ikebana in English 英語でイケバナ

Loquat 枇杷


One day in November, a student came into the room with branches of loquat. My class room is on the second floor of a flower shop, and advanced class students choose and buy materials for the day by themselves.
11月のある日、生徒さんが枇杷の枝を抱えてクラスに入ってきました。 私のクラスは花屋さんの2階にあるので、上級クラスの生徒さんは、その日の花材を自分で選んでくるようになっているのです。

I had been fascinated with the scent of loquat flowers on the previous weekend when I had been up on a mountain with my friends. When we walked a path then, early in the morning, the area was filled with sweet and nice fragrance. We looked around and found that it came from loquat flowers. Several loquat trees, each of which had dark green and beautiful leaves and many hairy brown clusters of buds, were there. Thousands of flowers in clusters were just opening together and starting to show white petals respectively. We breathed wonderful fragrance deeply. We were fascinated with the flowers before bees started to gather!
The loquat branches a student brought for her practice reminded me of the sight on that morning, and I put my nose closer to the branches.
その前の週末、友人たちと山登りに行った際、枇杷の素晴らしい香りに魅了されたところでした。 その日の早朝に小道を歩いていると、甘くていい香りが漂ってきました。私たちは辺りを見回して、それが枇杷の花の香だと気付きました。 そこには枇杷の木が数本あり、どの木も深緑の大きな葉と、薄茶色で毛に包まれたような蕾をつけた房が見事でした。 その房の蕾が一斉に咲き出し、白い花弁を見せ始めたところだったのです。 素晴らしい! 私たちは大きく深呼吸しました。  昆虫が引き寄せられる前に、私たちがひきつけられた具合です!   


Seeing the loquat arrangement, another student brought loquat branches from her yard on the followig week. She was very happy to learn that the tree in her yard could be material for ikebana arrangements. Since she has good sense of gardening, I m sure she will use the loquat branches nicely.

3seDSC09806b.jpg 4seDSC09809.jpg

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7seDSC09842b.jpg 8seDSC09835b.jpg

9seDSC09833b.jpg 10seDSC09827b.jpg 

11seDSC09870b.jpg 19sIMG_20161216_202013b.jpg


12seDSC09823b.jpg 13seDSC09854b.jpg

14seDSC09840b.jpg 15seDSC09848b.jpg 16seDSC09829b.jpg

Do you remember the lady on the right?  She was once in the class and now lives in Kanagawa. She visited us on one Thursday. Unfortunately many students were absent that day, but those present had a chance to renew their friendship.
右の女性を覚えていらっしゃいますか。 かつて、クラスにいらしたのですが、今は神奈川にお住まいです。ある木曜日、クラスを訪問してくださいました。生憎、お休みの多い日でしたが、居合わせた方たちは旧交を温めました。




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