Ikebana in English 英語でイケバナ

An invitation to the Ikebana zoom meeting

Dear ikebana lovers,
I will hold the fourth zoom meeting as below. Please mark your calendar and be ready to join it. I have had hard time to find the best possible times in view of all locations of your residence and corresponding time differences. I really hope that many of you can somehow join and enjoy either one of the two meetings, or both if you like. I will do my best to make my presentation enjoyable as well as informative enough for your time.

I will give a 20-minute presentation, and then show some photos of ikebana arrangements including several students’ works done out of our class. After that, we will have the time for Q&A, chatting and greeting each other. The topic of the presentation this time is ‘Hokusai’ (1760-1849), a renowned Ukiyo-e painter in the Edo period. A series of Hokusai’s woodblock prints titled ‘Mt. Fuji’ is famous world-wide. This year marks the 260th year since the year of his birth.

Timetable for the Fourth Zoom Meeting:

Japan time 10:00 on Saturday, March 13, 2021
Local times for your information:
(EDT)Australia/ Victoria: Melbourne: 12:00 on Saturday, March 13
(CST)China/Shanghai: 09:00 on Saturday, March 13
(ICT)Thailand/Bangkok: 08:00 on Saturday, March 13
(CET)Germany: 02:00 on Saturday, March 13
(EST)USA/ New York, Michigan, Florida: 20:00 on Friday, March 12
(CST)USA/ Arkansas, Illinois: 19:00 on Friday, March 12
(MST)USA/ Idaho: 18:00 on Friday, March 12
(PST)USA/ California: 17:00 on Friday, March 12

Japan time 22:00 on Sunday, March 14, 2021
Local times for your information:
(EDT)Australia/ Victoria: Melbourne: 24:00 on Sunday, March 14
(CST)China/Shanghai: 21:00 on Sunday, March 14
(ICT)Thailand/Bangkok: 20:00 on Sunday, March 14
(CET)Germany: 14:00 on Sunday, March 14
(EST)USA/ New York, Michigan, Florida: 08:00 on Sunday, March 14
(CST)USA/ Arkansas, Illinois: 07:00 on Sunday, March 14
(MST)USA/ Idaho: 06:00 on Sunday, March 14
(PST)USA/ California: 05:00 on Sunday, March 14

If you are interested, please let me know.

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