Ikebana in English 英語でイケバナ

The special class for beautiful mother and daughters

I was touched by the mother's words that she wanted her two daughters experience Japanese culture Ikebana before they would leave Japan. They came to the class on the previous day of their leaving back to America. I appreciate their taking time in such a tight schedule. I found her daughters so pretty and bright. I hope they have grabbed something Japanese from the experience.

2seDSC07290b.jpg 2seDSC07293b.jpg


3seDSC07254b.jpg 3seDSC07256b.jpg

4seDSC07259b.jpg 4seDSC07261b.jpg

I understand these people would also leave Japan in the near future.
5seDSC07269b.jpg 5seDSC07266b.jpg

6seDSC07276b.jpg 6seDSC07274b.jpg

7seDSC07284b.jpg 7seDSC07281b.jpg


9seDSC07339b.jpg 9seDSC07318b.jpg

Wishing all of you happy future with plenty of nice memories of Japan.


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Enjoyed arranging in the rainy season: Hiroshima Class

2seDSC07175b.jpg 2seDSC07172b.jpg

1seDSC07229b.jpg 1seDSC07217b.jpg

She should have given a good care to the cut bamboo when she cut them at home. They look fresh and lively after the trip to the class. Wonderful!
庭から取って来られた笹がいきいきしています。きっと、上手に水切りなさったのでしょうね。 素晴らしいです!
3seDSC07156b.jpg 3seDSC07152b.jpg

4seDSC07143b.jpg 4seDSC07150b.jpg

We had an acquaintance of mine as a guest of the day. It's amazing that she made such a charming arrangement as below.
She wears Japanese Kimono on a western shirt. Isn't it an idea?
この日のゲストは私の知人でした。こんな可愛い作品をしあげられて、素晴らしいです。彼女は洋服の上に着物を着ていらっしゃいます。 素敵なアイデアですね。
5seDSC07197b.jpg 5seDSC07203b.jpg


6seDSC07166b.jpg 6seDSC07161b_2019071013213598a.jpg

7seDSC07214b.jpg 7seDSC07208b.jpg

8seDSC07249b.jpg 8seDSC07245b.jpg

11seDSC07180b.jpg 11seDSC07186b.jpg




We love arranging seasonal plants to ikebana arrangements!!

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Osaka ladies at Hiroshima class

Three of Osaka ladies took the class in Hiroshima last March. The arrangemetns are so nice that I'd like to share them here.

1seDSC05160b.jpg 1seDSC05168b.jpg

3seDSC05197b.jpg 3seDSC05207b.jpg

4seDSC05239b.jpg 4seDSC05205b.jpg


seDSC05083b.jpg seDSC05085b.jpg

seDSC05163b.jpg seDSC05164b_20190710080106017.jpg

seDSC05254b.jpg seDSC05216b.jpg

seDSC05194b_20190710080109f89.jpg seDSC05155b_20190710080044e27.jpg



seDSC05204b.jpg seDSC05218b.jpg

seDSC05258b.jpg seDSC05267b_2019071008021926e.jpg

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