Ikebana in English 英語でイケバナ

Two happy matters! 二つの嬉しいこと!

Congratulations!! She was promoted to the higher level. She attends a study meeting held from the Ohara Hiroshima branch every time and gets the highest scores each time. She deserves the promotion.
おめでとうございます! 彼女は昇進の免状を授与されました。小原流広島支部主催の研究会に毎回出席し、最高得点をいただいてきます。賞賛の昇進ですね。

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We had another happy thing this day.
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Yuka Fujimoto was in our class till about 10 years ago, and now lives in Yokohama. She recently produced a show stage and came to Hiroshima for its performing. She dropped at the class to say hello to everybody. Thannk you for your coming, Yuka!

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Autumn Leaves started

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