Ikebana in English 英語でイケバナ

Pumpkin カボチャ

I was thinking about a party that I was going to give my students a few days later on the weekend. Then, this pumpkin caught my eye at Farmer's Market. Everything including the shape and the color was beautiful!! I loved it and I bought it without much thinking. To my surprise later, I found that my oven was not big enough to cook the pumpkin in the whole. I don't want to cut this beautiful shape to small pieces...

sDSC_1317b.jpg sDSC_1319b.jpg

The black thing on the right is a mouse for my computer, just to show the size of the pumpkin.


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Rabbit-ear Iris Autumn flowers


We expect some foreign guests coming this evening. I frantically worked cleaning the house. I made an arrangement with Rabbit-ear Iris which is in the pot in my yard. It blooms autumn flowers one after another this year, as written in the text book in my young days, for the first time for my Rabbit -ear Iris. I appreciate the beauty of the autumn flower. They turned a nice arrangement with a branch of my maple tree.
今夜、外国人のお客さまが我が家に見えます。髪ふり乱してお掃除をしています。リビングに飾るお花に、我が家の鉢の杜若を使ってみました。我が家の杜若は、今年初めて、秋の花を咲かせてくれています。若い頃、教科書で学んだ通りで、花が高くなる前に秋の寒さが来てしまい低いところで開花するのです。庭の楓を一枝切ってきました。思いのほかに、艶やかに出来ましたので写真撮影しました。掃除の最中ですし、料理をしなきゃ。。 わかっているのですが、ハイ。。

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Persimmon! 柿

She found one branch with persimmon fruits at the corner of our flower shop. She learned that it was the only and the last branch there. She arranged that leftover branch at the shop beautifully featured in her ikebana arrangement. She apparently has a green thumb. Her warm eyes for plants helped her find the lonely persimmon branch at the shop and turned it into a feature in her arrangement. Some years ago, she told me one story. She planted a skin of a pineapple she ate. It grew up and bore a fruit! It took her three years. This story also tells that she really has warm eyes for plants.

1seDSC06086b.jpg 2seDSC06092b.jpg


3seDSC06026b.jpg 3seDSC06022b.jpg

4seDSC06029b.jpg 4seDSC06032b.jpg

5seDSC06071b.jpg 5seDSC06069b.jpg

6seDSC06038b.jpg 6seDSC06036b.jpg
She poses like a frame of her arrangement. She is such a charming lady!


8seDSC06044b.jpg 8seDSC06043b.jpg

9seDSC06048b.jpg 9seDSC06047.jpg

I like everybody's cheerful disposition!

11seDSC06061b.jpg 11seDSC06062b.jpg

12seDSC06075b.jpg 12seDSC06079b.jpg


13seDSC06108b.jpg 13seDSC06110b.jpg

Thus, the class day finished with a happy feeling as usual. Tank you, everybody! I hope you would enjoy the photos.

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This plant is called 'Magic orchid'. How come??  魔法蘭と呼ばれるのですが、何でかしら??

2seDSC05956b.jpg 2seDSC05958b.jpg
I don't know why, but this dark color leaf is called 'Magic orchid'. I wonder why... There is a plant which is in the same-shape but yellow and green in color, which is called New Zealand flax. I remember often seeing the dark ones growing together in the fields in New Zealand.
この黒っぽい葉は、花屋さんで魔法蘭と呼ばれます。なぜでしょう? 同形で黄色と緑の、ニューサイランと呼ばれる植物があります。この黒っぽい葉の株を、ニュージランドの荒野のあちこちで見かけたのを覚えています。


3seDSC05929b.jpg 3seDSC05935b.jpg

4seDSC05990b.jpg 4seDSC05995b.jpg

5seDSC05949b.jpg 5seDSC05947b.jpg

6seDSC05939c.jpg 6seDSC05944b.jpg



8seDSC05978b.jpg 8seDSC05975b.jpg

9seDSC06005b.jpg 9seDSC06003b.jpg

10seDSC05986b.jpg 10seDSC05984b.jpg

11seDSC06011b.jpg 11seDSC06015b.jpg

12seDSC05963b.jpg 12seDSC05966b.jpg


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エッセイ「花の旅」㊴ 隠岐 ダルマギク

La Busport 11月号 Vol.110 より転載

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2018 class calendar

The class calendar for 2018 finished beautifully as usual though the printing company has changed. I am very happy about it!
Thanks to all who exerted themselves to make it successful. To those who ordered and left for their countries, they will reach you soon!



Wishing the year 2018 filled with happiness and prosperity!
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Happy!! ハッピィ~~!!

Another happy class day started.

1seDSC05797b.jpg 1seDSC05801b.jpg

2seDSC05775b.jpg 2seDSC05772b.jpg

3seDSC05778b.jpg 3seDSC05781b.jpg

4seDSC05810b.jpg 4seDSC05804b.jpg

5seDSC05826b.jpg 5seDSC05830b.jpg




9seDSC05837b.jpg 9seDSC05835b.jpg


10seDSC05843b.jpg 10seDSC05839b.jpg

12seDSC05865b.jpg 12seDSC05868b.jpg

13seDSC05878b.jpg 13seDSC05876b.jpg


Someone brought fruits of Quince from her back yard. So pretty to eyes. I will make quince juice:) Thank you!


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