Ikebana in English 英語でイケバナ

We will miss your charming smile... 素敵な笑顔、忘れません。。

We had another lady leaving Hiroshima. She will go back to California in August, and this class was the last day for her.

2seDSC04378b.jpg 2seDSC04373b.jpg

She is so sweet to everybody, and her friends joined us for the cofee for her. P-san baked a very tasty apple pie for her.

5seDSC04396b.jpg 5seDSC04395b.jpg

5seDSC04397b.jpg 5seDSC04394b.jpg

And I found a happy surprise:)
3seDSC04371b.jpg 3seDSC04385b.jpg

3seDSC04384b.jpg 3seDSC04386b.jpg

6seDSC04366b.jpg 6seDSC04369b.jpg

Welcome back! She just came back from a visit to her country.
I heard that her aunt who learned Ikebana before watched this blog, and praised her arrangements. I was glad to hear that, and also I thought what a convenient time we live in!
お帰りなさい! 母国に帰ってこられたばかりです。
7seDSC04403b.jpg 7seDSC04404b.jpg

8seDSC04439b.jpg 8seDSC04443b.jpg

9seDSC04444b.jpg 9seDSC04449b.jpg

10seDSC04429b.jpg 10seDSC04422b.jpg

11seDSC04463b.jpg 11seDSC04468b.jpg

13seDSC04481b.jpg 13seDSC04479b.jpg

12seDSC04455b.jpg 12seDSC04458b.jpg

14seDSC04436b.jpg 14seDSC04433b.jpg


16seDSC04413b.jpg 16seDSC04485b.jpg


Enjoy the summer, everybody! My ikebana class resumes in September. See you then.
では皆様 楽しい夏休みをお過ごしください。当イケバナクラスは9月に再開しますので、またお会いしましょう。


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Exhibition at Royal Hotel Osaka 大阪ロイヤルホテル文化祭

Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka held an annual fair at which the students of various classes which the hotel organizes exhibited their works. We, Ikebana class members were happy to participate it.
大阪リーガロイヤルホテルで恒例のホテル主宰文化祭があり、各クラスの生徒さんたちの作品展がありました。 「英語で学ぶイケバナ」クラスも参加させていただきました。

2seDSC04335b.jpg 3seDSC04332c.jpg

5seDSC04341c.jpg 4seDSC04345b.jpg




We had lovely dinner in the evening.

8seDSC_0260b.jpg 9seDSC_0261b.jpg



We fully enjoyed the two days there.

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Congratulations! おめでとう!

Congratulations for your new title. Now you are ready for conveying the skills of ikebana to the world:)
ご進級おめでとうございます。 さあ、学んだ技術を後世に伝えていく準備も着々ですね(^^♪

seDSC04301b.jpg seDSC04308b.jpg





seDSC04326b.jpg seDSC04319b.jpg

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Sad parting and Happy meeting again 悲しいお別れと、嬉しい再会


She would leave Japan soon, and this was the last class day in Hiroshima for her. She made a lovely arrangement. This will be included in the class calendar for 2018😊 .
2seDSC04202b.jpg 2seDSC04191b.jpg

On the other hand, it was a happy meeting again. She left Hiroshima to Germany eleven years ago, but even now she visits us every year around this time of the year. She e-mailed me beautiful words on the following day, “It was good to join the Ikebana class again, which I really miss in Germany. I hope to see you and the other members again next year.”
一方、嬉しい再会もありました。こちらの彼女は11年前にドイツに帰国されましたが、今でも、毎年今頃、クラスを覗いてくださいます。翌日、こんな嬉しいメイルをくださいました。「ドイツで本当に恋しく思っているイケバナ クラスに、また加わることができて素晴らしかったです。来年も、あなたと皆さんにもお会いできるのを楽しみにしています」と。

4seDSC04158b.jpg 4seDSC04162b.jpg


6seDSC04100b.jpg 7seDSC04105b.jpg

9seDSC04145b.jpg 9seDSC04151b.jpg

10seDSC04278b.jpg 10seDSC04281b.jpg

She found Lotus at the shop, and made a swift decision to use it for the arrangemetn this day. She was very happy since she had been missing Lotus, which reminds her of her country Thailand. This arrangement will be also included in the class calendar for 2018.
店頭でハスを見つけ、今日の稽古花はこれと即決。彼女はとても嬉しいと語ってくれました。ハスは母国タイを思いださせる花でずっと見たいと思っていたのだそうです。これも、2018年クラス カレンダーに入れますね。
8seanna Lotusb 8seDSC04218b.jpg


13seDSC04241b.jpg 13seDSC04237b.jpg

11seDSC04225b.jpg 11seDSC04230b.jpg

14seDSC04261b.jpg 14seDSC04255b.jpg

15seDSC04285b.jpg 15seDSC04290b.jpg


18seDSC04153b.jpg 19seDSC04214b.jpg


16seDSC04208b.jpg 17seDSC04245b.jpg

Thus, we finished another touching Ikebana day.


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Last stage of Hydrangea 紫陽花もお終いです

Hydrangeas are finishing and the weather is for the summer flowers.
The last stage of the hydrangea flowers are big and gorgeous.


3seDSC04045b.jpg 3seDSC04051b.jpg

2seDSC04034b.jpg 2seDSC04036b.jpg

4seDSC03943b_20170720001805567.jpg 4seDSC03946b.jpg

5seDSC03948b.jpg 5seDSC03957b.jpg

6seDSC03959b.jpg 6seDSC03966b.jpg

7seDSC03969b.jpg 7seDSC03982b.jpg

8seDSC03997b.jpg 8seDSC04001b.jpg

9seDSC03984b.jpg 9seDSC03994b.jpg

10seDSC04059b.jpg 10seDSC04057b.jpg

11seDSC04084b.jpg 11seDSC04087b.jpg

12seDSC04096b.jpg 12seDSC04095b.jpg

13seDSC04067b.jpg 14seDSC04041b.jpg



Thank you for another happy class day!

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Farewell  ご機嫌よう

She always makes the people around her happy with her beautiful smile. However, she looks serious when working on an ikebana arrangement. Sad to say, but this was the last ikebana day for her and she would go back to America the following week.

Finished! できました!
2seDSC03877b.jpg 2seDSC03873b.jpg

Congratulations on your success in gaining skills of Japanese art of flowers. I wish the skills of yours will not only help making the life of yourself richer but also combine with your charming smile to make your relatives and friends happier.

One more lady visited us with her daughter to say good-by. She said she and her family would leave on the following day. We will miss them too.


Happy matter was that we had a wonderful couple. The wife came to the class before, but now has been busy in her filial duty.


5seDSC03847b.jpg 5seDSC03843b.jpg

6seDSC03851b.jpg seDSC03855b.jpg


7seDSC03896b.jpg 7seDSC03900b.jpg

8seDSC03903b.jpg 8seDSC03910b.jpg

9seDSC03865b.jpg 9seDSC03869b.jpg

10seDSC03888b.jpg 10seDSC03891b.jpg


11seDSC03935b.jpg 11seDSC03941b.jpg

13seDSC03881b.jpg 13seDSC03882b.jpg

12seDSC03922b.jpg 12seDSC03924b.jpg



My dear girls.  私の自慢の娘っ子たちです。

Let's call it a day!

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Summer flowers in Osaka


2seDSC03743b.jpg 2seDSC03750b.jpg

5seDSC03778b.jpg 5seDSC03780b.jpg

4seDSC03783b.jpg 4seDSC03770b.jpg

3seDSC03763b.jpg 3sDSC03769b.jpg


7seDSC03753b.jpg 8seDSC03761b.jpg




10seDSC03814b.jpg 10seDSC03818b.jpg

11seDSC03819b.jpg 11seDSC03823b.jpg

12seDSC03830b.jpg 12seDSC03829b.jpg


Materials left over are also displayed like these.


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Zen experience at Kenninnji-temple in Kyoto 建仁寺 禅体験

I attended ‘Gyo-ten Zazen and public lecture meeting’ on 9th of July at Kennin-ji temple in Kyoto which is the oldest temple among the Zen temples. Gyo-ten meeting is based on the anecdote that the Buddha achieved the enlightenment at dawn. Various Zen sect temples in Kyoto hold an event on three continuous mornings in July every year, and they offer the ordinary people an opportunity of Zen meditation experience and Buddhism talks by various lecturers. I attended on the third morning at Kennin-ji temple yesterday. It was wonderful and I like to share my amazing experience. I could not take photos from the meditation room, but almost 200 people attended.


I arrived at the temple at 6:00 for 6:30 starting, and found many people already there. Some looked meditating at their seat or facing to the well-kept rock garden. The sun was already in the sky, morning breeze was comfortable to my skin and birds singing to my ears. We breathed deeply and meditated for two courses of 15 minutes each which was very short for me. It was a pity that the venue did not become a real calm and quiet place with snaps of the watching priests hitting shoulders of meditators. When the meditator has difficulty in concentrating and shows a sign gesture, a priest hastens to the person and hits the shoulders of the person by a Zen stick. The hitting sounds particularly ones before my calming deeply were big noise to me.

2sDSC_0116b.jpg 3sDSC_0159b.jpg


After the lecture, all of us were served a porridge breakfast since it was the completion day of the course. It was amazing that red Japanese lacquer containers were arranged very beautifully on low tables. It was porridge simmered with tea, and the lid of the container was also used as a container which contained some pickles. The priests here eat white and thinner porridge every morning, a priest explained. We recited some prayers and started eating. While reciting, a plate was passing around and we put a few grains of rice on it out of our own bowl. I had no idea about it for, but I guessed that it was for not forgetting appreciation of the grain. An interesting thing was that we were said not to eat everything but to leave a radish pickle for the last. After we finished the porridge, a priest with a kettle came over the table and poured lukewarm water in our bowl one after another. Then we cleaned the inside of the bowl with the water using the pickle saved, and ate everything including the water. Next, a priest with a wooden tub, bending their backs round, came to each of us over the table hiding the bottom part of the tub from our eyes, moving to the side. We picked a stone of a plum pickle with our fingers and put it in the tub. Finally another priest with a white cloth, also bending their backs round to small, moved to the side wiping the table. When the priest came to us we were supposed to hold our containers and chopsticks up so the priest can wipe the table where I used. All action was done very quickly without any noise. Beautiful they were!

4sDSC_0128b.jpg 5sDSC_0130b.jpg


Thus a balmy day started. こうして爽やかな一日が始まりました。


8sDSC_0178b.jpg 9sDSC_0179b.jpg


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Attending a lecture about the Japonisme ジャポニズムの講座


I attended a lecture about the influence of so-called Japonisme upon European art in 19th century. This was held at the Kyoto University by my student’s school-day class mate named Rintaro Iwasa. The aspect in his talk to see paintings by the impressionists was very interesting. He was working at an advertising agency before, and his eyes might have been grown on those days, I thought. No wonder that my student is proud of him very much, and I saw tight and warm friendship between them. The other lecturer was an interpreter for the Royal Museum of Belgium and his talk was also interesting. When getting at our hotel by the Kamo-river after the dinner party there, I found the moon so beautiful. I thanked it for finishing another peaceful day.

ジャポニスムがヨーロッピアン アートに与えた影響をテーマとした講演会に行ってきました。京都大学で開催され、大阪の生徒さんのクラスメイトでいらっしゃる岩佐倫太郎氏の講演会でした。印象派画家の作品を、とても面白い切り口で解説して下さいました。かつて広告会社にお勤めだった由で、切り方の眼はその時代に育てられたのかなあなどと考えながら伺いました。生徒さんが自慢なさるお友達でいらっしゃると、よくわかりました。皆さんの温か交流風景も気持ちよく拝見しました。もう一人の講師森耕治氏はベルギー王立美術館の解説者で、こちらも素晴らしかったです。日本人は、もっと自分の文化に自信をもっていいですよという発信には、大いに同感でした。夕食パーティーまで参加して鴨川沿いのホテルに着くと、お月様がとてもきれいでした。また楽しかった今日の日を感謝しながら休んだことです。
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White Hydrangeas 白い紫陽花

Hydrangeas for the day were white.  They are so beautiful and I am enjoying every minute with them at home.


It was the fifth Thursday of the month, which usually the class is not held on. Though the scale of the class was small, we fully enjoyed the combination of beautiful hydrangeas and branches with fresh green.


4seDSC03678b.jpg 4seDSC03681b.jpg

3seDSC03670b.jpg 3seDSC03674b.jpg

6seDSC03694b.jpg 6seDSC03691b.jpg

7seDSC03711b.jpg 7seDSC03716b.jpg

5seDSC03702b.jpg 5seDSC03709b.jpg


9seDSC03701b.jpg 9seDSC03699b.jpg

8seDSC03721b.jpg 8seDSC03723b.jpg

Thanks to the fresh plants, we held a nice day!

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