Ikebana in English 英語でイケバナ

Connected with flowers 花で繋がる


She moved out of Hiroshima last year and recently moved back. She happily came back to the class, where everybody welcomes her. They all are good friends. I am so happy to see flowers make them closer. Welcome back, K-san!!

2seDSC02893b.jpg 2seDSC02896b.jpg

Sunflowers!!  ひまわりです!

3seDSC02911b.jpg 3seDSC02915b.jpg

3seDSC02744b.jpg 3seDSC02750b.jpg

4seDSC02752b.jpg 4seDSC02756b.jpg

5seDSC02884b.jpg 5seDSC02886b.jpg

6seDSC02768b.jpg 6seDSC02771b.jpg

7seDSC02783b.jpg 7seDSC02787b.jpg

8seDSC02774b.jpg 8seDSC02780b.jpg

9seDSC02789b.jpg 9seDSC02794b.jpg

Ms. F will leave back to the US in the near future, and visited us to say hello. She has been holding a bible class, which I wanted to visit and have not. We will miss her...


11seDSC02830b.jpg 11seDSC02837b.jpg

12seDSC02824b.jpg 12seDSC02815b.jpg

13seDSC02918b.jpg 13seDSC02923b.jpg

14seDSC02981b.jpg 14seDSC02975b.jpg

14seDSC02908b.jpg 14seDSC02904b.jpg

15seDSC02874b.jpg 15seDSC02860b.jpg

16seDSC02964b.jpg 16seDSC02973b.jpg


Thus, we held another wonderful class day. Since M-chan is a professional photographer, I am invited to be in a group:) Thank you!



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Little and often fills the purse 継続は力

He started ikebana only last September, but he practices every week without absence. There is not dramatic change to eyes in everyday practice in ikebana. But when you look back, you will realize you have improved and gained the sense of seeing the Japanese Art. Gaining skills of Japanese art is what it's all about. Recently he arranges vase arrangements, which there is not much to put my hand in. I am very glad and proud of him.
1seDSC02679b.jpg 1seDSC02677b.jpg

We had a charming visitor from Idaho. she will be a new comer to Hiroshima in a month:)


3seDSC02651b.jpg 3seDSC02646b.jpg

The main material this day was Cherry branch with fruits. They turned red on the following week in an arrangement at home, which were so adorable.
4seDSC02669b.jpg 4seDSC02683b.jpg

5seDSC02728b.jpg 5seDSC02723b.jpg

6seDSC02690b.jpg 6seDSC02697b.jpg

7seDSC02659b.jpg 7seDSC02657b.jpg

8seDSC02641b.jpg 8seDSC02643b.jpg

9seDSC02686b.jpg 9seDSC02665b.jpg

10seDSC02734b.jpg 10seDSC02737b.jpg

11seDSC02703b.jpg 11seDSC02707b.jpg


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Bright Future 明るい未来

The season for making Rabbit-ear Iris Summer arrangements has come. We can feel comfortable energy on the buds to grow taller and flower beautifully under the sunhine. I always think of the bright future with this plant.
夏の杜若(カキツバタ)をいける頃になりました。 カキツの蕾には太陽の光を受けて、成長し花開いていく心地よい活力を感じま
す。 未来志向で好きな花です。 

1seDSC02514b.jpg 2seDSC02518b.jpg

Hello! We are having another happy time :)
こんにちわ!  また、楽しい時間を過ごしています。(^^♪

4seDSC02509b.jpg 4seDSC02513b.jpg

5seDSC02544b.jpg 5seDSC02543b.jpg

7seDSC02502b.jpg 7seDSC02500b.jpg

6seDSC02491.jpg 6seDSC02495b6.jpg

8seDSC02521b.jpg 8seDSC02525b.jpg

9seDSC02563b.jpg 9seDSC02558b.jpg

10seDSC02530b.jpg 10seDSC02532b.jpg

11seDSC02603b.jpg 11seDSC02595b.jpg


13seDSC02536b.jpg 13seDSC02537b.jpg

12seDSC02553b.jpg 12seDSC02546b.jpg


Miss H. visited Boston during the holidys of Golden Week last week. She brought back some gifts to each of us, and a notebook from the Harvard University to T-kun, a high school student. T-kun goes to a prestigious high school from which many graduates go to excellent universities. He was so happy like he had been permitted to go to the Harvard, so was I! His future will be bright!  What a thoughtful gift for him! Thank you H-chan.
ミスHさんは、ゴールデンウィークにボストンに行かれました。私たちそれぞれにお土産を下さり、高校生のT君にはハーバード大学のノートでした。T君は、有名大学に進学する卒業生が多いことで知られる私立高校に通っています。ノートを抱えて、もう、ハーバード大に入学許可されたように嬉しそうでしたし、私も同様でした。明るい未来を感じさせてくれる、何て配慮のあるお土産でしょう!  Hちゃん、ありがとう!

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Early summer arrangements 初夏のイケバナ

Nice feeling with early summer ikebana arrangements
1seDSC02489b.jpg 2seDSC02464b.jpg

3seDSC02460b.jpg 4seDSC02437b.jpg


sseDSC02445b.jpg  7seDSC02480b.jpg 8seDSC02483b.jpg

10seDSC02470b.jpg 11seDSC02461b.jpg

Congratulations on your achievement!

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Flowers from own garden 庭からの花々

All plants in this arrangement are from her garden. Her mother grows many flowers for her, and she brings various flowers with her every week. What a nice family they are!
この作品の花材はすべて庭からです。 お母さまがたくさんの花を育てていらして、毎週、いろいろな花を持って稽古にみえます。なんて素敵なご家族なのでしょう。
1seIMG_20170427_202012b.jpg 2seIMG_20170427_202038b.jpg


3seDSC02342b.jpg 3seDSC02344b.jpg

4seDSC02351b.jpg 4seDSC02347b.jpg

6seIMG_20170427_181612b.jpg 6seIMG_20170427_181937b.jpg

5seIMG_20170427_160740b.jpg 5seIMG_20170427_160513b.jpg

7seIMG_20170427_213725b.jpg 7seIMG_20170427_213751b.jpg

8seIMG_20170427_160210b.jpg 8seDSC02354b.jpg

9seIMG_20170427_173617b.jpg 9seIMG_20170427_173651b.jpg

10seIMG_20170427_215558b.jpg 10seIMG_20170427_215624b.jpg

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Guests from Ukuraina ウクライナからのゲスト

We were happy to have gusets from Ukuraina. They were warm and beautiful people, I was impressed very much.

She loves flowers and makes flower arrangements in Western style. No wonder that she made an ikebana arrangement beautifully.
2seIMG_20170323_151650b.jpg 2seIMG_20170323_151711b.jpg

3seIMG_20170323_152826b.jpg 3seIMG_20170323_152859b.jpg

4seIMG_20170323_151838b.jpg 4seIMG_20170323_151900b.jpg

5seIMG_20170323_155441b.jpg 5seIMG_20170323_155428b.jpg

6seIMG_20170323_163134b.jpg 6seIMG_20170323_163000b.jpg

8seIMG_20170323_155555b.jpg 8seIMG_20170323_155620b.jpg

7seIMG_20170323_171007b.jpg 7seIMG_20170323_171030b.jpg

9seIMG_20170323_165130b.jpg 9seIMG_20170323_165219b.jpg

10seDSC_0013b.jpg 10seDSC_0017b.jpg

11seIMG_20170323_164728b.jpg 11seIMG_20170323_164849b.jpg

12seIMG_20170323_173453b.jpg 12seIMG_20170323_173508b.jpg

13seIMG_20170323_173142b.jpg 13seIMG_20170323_173215b.jpg

She wanted to bring a flower arrangement to her friend in hospital. An arrangement with bright flowers is suitable for a visit to the hospital, and she picked colorful flowers. The arrangement she made must have cheered up her ill friend, I bet.
14seIMG_20170323_180121b.jpg 14seIMG_20170323_180325b.jpg

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A guest from Boise, Idaho アイダホ州ボイシーからのゲスト

We had a guest from Boise who visited her friend living in Hiroshima. She showed wonderful smile to everybody in the class despite her late arrival on the previous evening. She must have exhausted then. Wonderful people have wonderful friends, I thought.
1seDSC02264b.jpg 2seDSC02261b.jpg


4seDSC02252b.jpg 4seDSC02254b.jpg

5seDSC02274b.jpg 5seDSC02271b.jpg

6seDSC02300b.jpg 6seDSC02303b.jpg

7seDSC02257b.jpg 7seDSC02256b.jpg

8seDSC02314b.jpg 8seDSC02321b.jpg

9seDSC02282b.jpg 9seDSC02279b.jpg

10seDSC02291b.jpg 10seDSC02286c.jpg

11seDSC02295b.jpg 11seDSC02299b.jpg

12seDSC02326b.jpg 12seDSC02328b.jpg





This photo was taken by a professioal photographer who is our class mate! She is great and travels vairous places to take good photos of scenery.

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kimono 着物姿

A charming lady started taking my class. She was on the way back from her friend's wedding party. We were happy to see the beautiful lady in a gorgeous kimono.


3seIMG_20170413_202811b.jpg 3seIMG_20170413_202912b.jpg

4seIMG_20170413_152221b.jpg 4seIMG_20170413_152148b.jpg

5seIMG_20170413_153051b.jpg 5seIMG_20170413_153038b.jpg

6seIMG_20170413_170742b.jpg 6seIMG_20170413_170722b.jpg

7seIMG_20170413_153633b.jpg 7seIMG_20170413_153648b.jpg

8seIMG_20170413_211136b.jpg 8seIMG_20170413_210959b.jpg


9seIMG_20170413_203809b.jpg 9seIMG_20170413_202618b.jpg

10seIMG_20170413_172754b.jpg 10seIMG_20170413_172824b.jpg

11seIMG_20170413_210724b.jpg 11seIMG_20170413_210746b.jpg



13seIMG_20170413_175938b.jpg 13seIMG_20170413_172349b.jpg

Coincidentally, Miss H came to the lesson in kimono. Beautiful like a model for a magazine! I would like to share her photos with you all.

16seIMG_20170413_190141b.jpg 14seIMG_20170413_182359b.jpg 15seIMG_20170413_182413b.jpg

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Sakura Day

Congratulations! She acquired the certiificate for finishing beginners course.

We held a hanami picnic in the morning this day. Everybody came to the class with cheerful sakura-feeling;) Pictures from Hanami are in my blog page.


2seDSC02174b.jpg 3seDSC02172b.jpg

He made this arrangement all by himself:) この作品は、全部ひとりで仕上げられたのですよ。\(^o^)/
4seDSC02186b.jpg 4seDSC02190b.jpg

7seDSC02204b.jpg 7seDSC02205b.jpg

6seDSC02199b.jpg 6seDSC02202b.jpg

8seDSC02246b.jpg 8seDSC02244b.jpg

9seDSC02212b.jpg 9seDSC02215b.jpg

10seDSC02195b.jpg 10seDSC02198b.jpg

11seDSC02208b.jpg 11seDSC02210b.jpg

12seDSC02220b.jpg 12seDSC02218b.jpg

13seDSC02234b.jpg 13seDSC02239b.jpg



Happy Sakura Day!!  嬉しいサクラの日!

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Hanami 2017

Sorry for my belated posting... とんでもなく遅れの花見写真でごめんなさい。。


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