Ikebana in English 英語でイケバナ

at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand タイ チュラロンコン大学

It is a great pleasure for me to hold an ikebana class at Chulalongkorn university which is one of the best universities in the world.
This was the second time following last year. The date was not perfect for the university this year, however thanks to some people including the professor and Ms. M who I met last year, 20 people could join the class. All of the students this year were the facultiy and graduate students of psychology. Indeed, they are bright!



2se20170125_152154b.jpg 3seDSC00722b.jpg

4seDSC00736b.jpg 5seDSC00735b.jpg

I got a present in a pretty box. It was a wonderful pink scarf made of Thai silk. It is beautiful! Thank you!
プレゼントをいただきました。 素敵なピンクのタイシルクのスカーフでした。きれいです。ありがとうございました!


Look, such elegant ladies' way of posing! They might be harmonized with flowers:)
ほら、エレガント女性のポーズの取り方も素敵でしょ。 彼女たちの気持ちは、もう花と一体化しているのじゃないかしら。

8seDSC00757b.jpg 9seDSC00762b.jpg

10seDSC00758b.jpg 11seDSC00777b.jpg



January 25, 2017. The mission in the trip this time was successfully over. Thank you to those who always support me.
2017年1月25日。 かくて、今回の旅行の使命も成功裏に終わりました。いつも助けて下さる皆様、感謝しています。


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Ikebana tour to Thailand 2017

The first school in 2017 in Thailand was at Thai-Nichi Institute of Thechnology.



see1DSC00004b.jpg see2DSC00011b.jpg

see3DSC00014b.jpg see5DSC00023b.jpg

see6DSC00026b.jpg see7DSC00030b.jpg


see9DSC00046b.jpg see10DSC00048b.jpg

seeDSC00033b.jpg see11DSC00049b.jpg

I was very glad to see them smile. See their beautiful smiles! Thank you to those who helped me a lot behind.
皆さんの喜ぶお顔が、私も嬉しいです。 この笑顔を御覧ください。.陰で支えて下さった皆様、ありがとうございました。

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The first class in 2017! 2017年初稽古

The first class in 2017 was held in Osaka. Spring is here.

sIMG_20170110_144040b.jpg sIMG_20170110_133313b.jpg

sIMG_20170110_141734b.jpg sIMG_20170110_133038b.jpg

sIMG_20170110_133204b.jpg sIMG_20170110_202552b.jpg

sIMG_20170110_211054b.jpg sIMG_20170110_205455b.jpg

sIMG_20170111_120817b.jpg sIMG_20170111_114832b.jpg


sIMG_20170110_133405b.jpg sIMG_20170110_205603b.jpg

sIMG_20170110_211231b.jpg sIMG_20170110_202733b.jpg

sIMG_20170111_120929b.jpg sIMG_20170111_121255b.jpg

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Arrangements for the Holiday Season

Everybody in the class arranged their own decoration for celerating their holidays at home. For the new year's day, most students chose customary materials such as Pine, Japanese apricot and Sarcandra glabra with red berries.

1seDSC09997b.jpg 2seDSC09889b.jpg

3seDSC09984b.jpg 27seDSC09990b.jpg

6seDSC09944b.jpg 4seDSC09965b.jpg

For Christmas, there are a wider variety of flowers and styles of the decoration to choose from.

9seDSC09709b.jpg 10seDSC09713b.jpg


12seDSC09726b.jpg 13seDSC09738b.jpg



14seDSC09856b.jpg 15seDSC09859b.jpg 16seDSC09866b.jpg


20eIMG_20161216_193614b.jpg 21sIMG_20161216_174524b.jpg

22sIMG_20161216_174752b.jpg 23sIMG_20161216_174949b.jpg

17seDSC09740b.jpg 19seDSC09812b.jpg

24seDSC09711b.jpg 25seDSC09716b.jpg

26seDSC09723b.jpg 28seDSC09729b.jpg 29seDSC09980b.jpg

30sIMG_20161216_193642b.jpg 31sIMG_20161216_175814b.jpg

The last photo in 2016 shows that they manage to find the time to come to the class out of their busy daily life. I found on the table a package of green onion fresh from a market. I don't know who brought it , but it might have been for her dinner that evening.:) We all enjoy making ikebana arrangements while leading busy days.
Last but not least, I wish you the best in 2017!


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Idaho Day!  アイダホ デイ!

The holiday season is a good time for the whole family members to get togather. This is the same throughout the world, I believe. The foreign students in my class, who usually live away from their home countries, are no exception. They share happy time and celebrate the holy day together. For that purpose, some go back to their countries, and some others call back their children to Hiroshima.
ホリデイシーズンは家族全員が集まるいい機会です。これは世界中どこでも同じだと思います。  普段、自国から離れて暮らすイケバナクラスの生徒さんにとっても同様です。ある方は帰国されますし、また、ある方は子供さんたちを広島の家に招かれます。

Ms. R left her parents in Hiroshima last June and went to Idaho where her relatives live to get into the university. She came back to her family in December. You will see her mother and sisters looking very happy.

The youngest sister E made an arrangement in the class. She took the ikebana classes at her school, and she made an arrangement beautifully.
10seDSC09932b.jpg 10seDSC09935b.jpg


This family also gathered in Hiroshima. Three sons visited their parents from Idaho. The whole family including Mr. H came to the ikebana class, and they made nice arrangements respectively. Please see also how handsome their sons are.
こちらのご家族も広島で集まり、三人の息子さんたちがアイダホから訪ねてきました。 父親のH氏ともども、皆さんでイケバナクラスにおいでになり、それぞれに、素敵な作品を制作されました。 作品と、ハンサムな息子さんたちのお顔もどうぞ。(^_-)-☆

2seDSC09892b.jpg 2seDSC09895b.jpg

5seDSC09902b.jpg 5seDSC09905b.jpg

3seDSC09896b.jpg 4seDSC09900b.jpg

6seDSC09911b.jpg 6seDSC09907b.jpg

8seDSC09921b.jpg 7seDSC09917b.jpg

She is from Idaho ,too! 彼女もアイダホからいらしています。
9seDSC09929b.jpg 10seDSC09932b.jpg



13seDSC09945b.jpg 11seDSC09958b.jpg


The day turned out to be an Idaho day.
この日は、何だかアイダホ デイみたいになりました。  ポテトのアイダホですよね(^_-)-☆

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Loquat 枇杷


One day in November, a student came into the room with branches of loquat. My class room is on the second floor of a flower shop, and advanced class students choose and buy materials for the day by themselves.
11月のある日、生徒さんが枇杷の枝を抱えてクラスに入ってきました。 私のクラスは花屋さんの2階にあるので、上級クラスの生徒さんは、その日の花材を自分で選んでくるようになっているのです。

I had been fascinated with the scent of loquat flowers on the previous weekend when I had been up on a mountain with my friends. When we walked a path then, early in the morning, the area was filled with sweet and nice fragrance. We looked around and found that it came from loquat flowers. Several loquat trees, each of which had dark green and beautiful leaves and many hairy brown clusters of buds, were there. Thousands of flowers in clusters were just opening together and starting to show white petals respectively. We breathed wonderful fragrance deeply. We were fascinated with the flowers before bees started to gather!
The loquat branches a student brought for her practice reminded me of the sight on that morning, and I put my nose closer to the branches.
その前の週末、友人たちと山登りに行った際、枇杷の素晴らしい香りに魅了されたところでした。 その日の早朝に小道を歩いていると、甘くていい香りが漂ってきました。私たちは辺りを見回して、それが枇杷の花の香だと気付きました。 そこには枇杷の木が数本あり、どの木も深緑の大きな葉と、薄茶色で毛に包まれたような蕾をつけた房が見事でした。 その房の蕾が一斉に咲き出し、白い花弁を見せ始めたところだったのです。 素晴らしい! 私たちは大きく深呼吸しました。  昆虫が引き寄せられる前に、私たちがひきつけられた具合です!   


Seeing the loquat arrangement, another student brought loquat branches from her yard on the followig week. She was very happy to learn that the tree in her yard could be material for ikebana arrangements. Since she has good sense of gardening, I m sure she will use the loquat branches nicely.

3seDSC09806b.jpg 4seDSC09809.jpg

5seDSC09819b.jpg 6seDSC09850b.jpg

7seDSC09842b.jpg 8seDSC09835b.jpg

9seDSC09833b.jpg 10seDSC09827b.jpg 

11seDSC09870b.jpg 19sIMG_20161216_202013b.jpg


12seDSC09823b.jpg 13seDSC09854b.jpg

14seDSC09840b.jpg 15seDSC09848b.jpg 16seDSC09829b.jpg

Do you remember the lady on the right?  She was once in the class and now lives in Kanagawa. She visited us on one Thursday. Unfortunately many students were absent that day, but those present had a chance to renew their friendship.
右の女性を覚えていらっしゃいますか。 かつて、クラスにいらしたのですが、今は神奈川にお住まいです。ある木曜日、クラスを訪問してくださいました。生憎、お休みの多い日でしたが、居合わせた方たちは旧交を温めました。




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Lovely people 素敵な方々


Today, I will tell you about how lovely the people in our class are.

One day we were taking a group photo as usual. Everybody made a pose, and I took a shot.

Just then, the door opened and another student entered. 'Oh, just in time! Come in, come in!!' Everybody invited her.
ちょうどそこへ、クラスのドアが開いて別の生徒さんが入ってきました。 「あら、ちょうどいいところよ。 入って、入って」と口々に招きました。

Fine!! One more pose! Eveybody looks happy.
よかったア。 はい、もう一枚。 どなたもが嬉しそうです。

This is just a small thing, and I read everybody's warm heart when I edited the photos. I am proud of these thoughtful people.

They also work hard on their arrangements.


7seDSC08850b.jpg 8seDSC08859b.jpg

9seDSC08856b.jpg 10seDSC08851b.jpg

11seDSC08854b.jpg 12seDSC08862b.jpg


Well let's see their arrangements.

14seDSC08896b.jpg 14seDSC08888b.jpg

16seDSC08865b.jpg 16seDSC08870b.jpg

15seDSC08903b.jpg 15seDSC08900b.jpg

18seDSC08912b.jpg 18seDSC08907b.jpg

17seDSC08883b.jpg 17seDSC08879b.jpg

19seDSC08924b.jpg 19seDSC08928b.jpg

20seDSC08951b.jpg 20seDSC08945b.jpg

21seDSC08956b.jpg 21seDSC08960b.jpg

22seDSC08939b.jpg 22seDSC08935b.jpg

22seDSC08974b.jpg 23seDSC08833b.jpg


25seDSC08969b.jpg 26seDSC08982b.jpg

Each ikebana arrangement is very well done. I belive an arrangement made by a thoughtful person is stable and graceful.  It was another beautiful class day.  Thank you everybody.
どの作品もよくできていますね。  配慮ある人が作成すると、自然に、安定していて美しい作品になるのだと思います。 また、素敵なクラス日でした。 皆様、ありがとう!

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Still Life 静物

One day in November Ms.U brought to the class many apples in two pretty baskets. She got them from her friend in the Aomori prefecture which is famous for producing beautiful apples. Each apple in the baskets was red and shiny. They were calm and somehow even solemn, which reminded me of oil paintings of 'Still Life' by Paul Cezanne.
11月のある日、Uさんがたくさんのリンゴをかわいい二つのバスケットに入れてお持ちくださいました。 どのリンゴも真っ赤で、光っています。静かで、何故か厳かな空気さえ感じました。 私は、セザンヌの描いた「静物」の油絵を思い出しました。



2seDSC09669b.jpg 2seDSC09670b.jpg

3seDSC09653b.jpg 3seDSC09656b.jpg

4seDSC09649b.jpg 4seDSC09651b.jpg

5seDSC09666b.jpg 5seDSC09662b.jpg

seDSC09703b.jpg seDSC09707b.jpg

6seDSC09682b.jpg 6seDSC09679b.jpg

7seDSC09674b.jpg 7seDSC09677b.jpg

8seDSC09687b.jpg 8seDSC09683b.jpg

9seDSC09696b.jpg 9seDSC09700b.jpg

The class this day appeared to me to have ended in a graceful and profound atmosphere thanks probably to the association of Paul Cezanne brought about by those apples. Thank you everybody for another nice day..
私にはこの日は、静かに深い空気に包まれた稽古日に思えました。 リンゴと一緒にやってきたセザンヌが醸し出した雰囲気だったのかもしれません。 また素敵な一日なりました。皆様、ありがとうございました。


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Family Day

One class day in October 2016 was like a family day. Two ladies brought their visiting family from the US. One lady visited us from Turkey. Welcome to Hiroshima!   We all had a cheeful and warm lesson day.  Could you tell who they are?
2016年10月のある稽古日は、まるで家族デイのようでした。お二人がアメリカから遊びにみえているご家族をお連れになり、また、トルコ在住の私の友人が覗いてくれました。 賑やかで笑いの絶えないクラス日になりました。 どの方とどの方がご家族かお分かりになりますか?


3seDSC08535b.jpg 2seDSC08527b.jpg 



5seDSC08616b.jpg 5seDSC08605b.jpg


6seDSC08601b.jpg 6seDSC08599b.jpg

7seDSC08564b.jpg 7seDSC08570b.jpg


8seDSC08656b.jpg 8seDSC08652b.jpg




9seDSC08558b.jpg 9seDSC08562b.jpg

10seDSC08622b.jpg 10seDSC08627b.jpg

11seDSC08590b.jpg 11seDSC08594b.jpg

12seDSC08631b.jpg 12seDSC08632b.jpg

13seDSC08575b.jpg 13seDSC08582b.jpg

14seDSC08690b.jpg 14seDSC08710b.jpg

15seDSC08667b.jpg 15seDSC08670b.jpg

16seDSC08676b.jpg 16seDSC08683b.jpg

17seDSC08639b.jpg 17seDSC08646b.jpg

Thus we had another memorable Ikebana day.

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Congratulations! おめでとう!

Ms.Y achieved gaining the certificate of assistant instructor. She attends the special study meeting held by the head office of the Ohara school bimonthly, and mostly she gets award for her ikebana arrangement. Congratulations!

1seDSC08437b.jpg 2seDSC08428b.jpg



3seDSC08418b.jpg 4seDSC08497b.jpg

6seDSC08461b.jpg 5seDSC08438b.jpg


8seDSC08423b.jpg 9seDSC08455b.jpg

10seDSC08470b.jpg 11seDSC08513b.jpg



A lady visited Hiroshima and dropped in at the class. She used to live in Hiroshima and now lives in America. I was very glad to see her again. Thank you for the visit!


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