Ikebana in English 英語でイケバナ


2016年11月号 「サルトリイバラ」 La Busport Vol.98より転載


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Presentation at the conference in China 中国での学会発表

I came home yesterday from Taiyuan, China, where a conference was held. The conference finished successfully and I got a relief as a presenter. The theme of my presentation is always the importance of Life. Thanks to many professors and faculties for favorable feelings which gave me much encouragement to go further as a resident of Hiroshima, the peace city.


We visited the Jinyuan Park, the temple in the Sung Dynasty on the following day. It was so Chinese and I loved the atmosphere very much. I enjoyed the view from the plane on the way back, too.



I enjoyed the view from the plane just before landing to Hiroshima. The flight rout this time was from the west, which was unusual for me, since I usually use the airports in the east from Hiroshima like Tokyo or Osaka. The islands I saw were around Kyushu this time. They were amazing under the clear sky that day.
広島空港着陸寸前の飛行機からの景色も楽しみました。 いつもは東京や大阪といった東の空港から出入国します。今回は西からでしたので、五島列島など、九州側からの到着でした。お天気もよく、とても素敵でした。


November 4, 2016
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