Ikebana in English 英語でイケバナ

We are always happy! 私たちはいつもハッピー!

We are always happy!! We cheer up at seeing each other.
私たちはいつもハッピーです! お互いに笑顔を見合って、元気をもらいあいます。


She received the higher level certificate this day. She attends the special study meeting held by the Ohara school bimonthly. She won a highest score award every time she attended in 2015. She deserves the higher level certificate.  Congratulations!! We all became happier:)
この日は、彼女が進級されました。彼女は小原流で隔月に行われる研究会に毎回参加されます。2015年度の参加研究会のすべてで、優秀の表彰をされました。上級になられるだけありますね。おめでとうございます!! 私たちは、これでまた、もっとハッピーになりました。



6seDSC04281b.jpg 2seDSC04244b.jpg

3seDSC04299b.jpg 4seDSC04285b.jpg

7seDSC04277b.jpg 5seDSC04294b.jpg



10seDSC04288b.jpg 11seDSC04315b.jpg

12seDSC04307b.jpg 13seDSC04313b.jpg

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Photos from the RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka class リーガロイヤルホテル大阪のクラス

Here are some photos from the class held in April at the Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka. This class is held regularly once a month. The class is rather new and not known much, and has no foreign students yet. But there are many guests from abroad staying at the hotel. When the class becomes better known, I hope they won’t miss the advantage of having an experience of Japanese culture at their hotel. Students can enjoy their arrangements in the hotel rooms while staying there if they want. The class is given mostly in English and Japanese is used only when it is necessary.
大阪リーガロイヤルホテルのクラスの写真をお見せします。このクラスは月1回定期講座です。開講したばかりで、よくは知られていないので、海外からの生徒さんはまだみえていません。しかし、このホテルには大勢の外国人ゲストが出入りしていますので、クラスの存在を知られたら、居ながらにして日本文化を学べる手軽さを見逃されないことでしょう。 ご希望になれば、ご自分の作品を滞在中、お部屋に飾って楽しむこともおできになります。 クラスは英語と日本語で進行します。


The class starts with a presentation on things Japanese. Then a demonstration is made to show how to make an ikebana arrangement with the materials of the day. After the student finishes arranging, the arrangement is further modified by the instructor to make the materials appear more beautiful. This is how the student learns the skills of ikebana.


seDSC04220b.jpg seDSC04225b.jpg

seDSC04236b.jpg  seDSC04229b.jpg

seDSC04231b.jpg seDSC04238b.jpg

The class at the Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka is held in the first Wednesday morning every month. クラスは第一水曜日午前です。
Phone 06-6441-2938  Please ask for Hasumi for the English response.

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Guests from the USA in Osaka class アメリカからのお客様 

In April 2016, we had three guests from the US at TYA Osaka class. I learned that she was visiting her son living in Osaka. She runs a beauty salon and has sense of finding beauty. No wonder she made a beautiful arrangement in spite of the first experience of ikebana.
2016年4月 大阪TYAクラスにアメリカからの3名のゲストをお迎えしました。彼女は大阪に住んでいる息子さんを訪ねていらっしゃったのだそうです。 アメリカでは美容院を経営されているとのこと。初めてだと言うのにきれいないけばな作品を作られるのも、もっともです。



See her pouch on her shoulder. You can tell she is from America:)


5seDSC04198b.jpg 6seDSC04208b.jpg 7seDSC04203b.jpg

8seDSC04190b.jpg 9seDSC04193b.jpg


I'm done! オシマイ!

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Congratulations!! おめでとう!

Congratulations, A san!! You are one of the most popular ladies in the class, and now showing your ability of ikebana arranging:).





aeDSC04405b.jpg aeDSC04373b.jpg

aeDSC04397b.jpg aeDSC04392b.jpg

We realized that everybody this day was wearing the same color hue by accident. 




aeDSC04410b.jpg aeDSC04399b.jpg aeDSC04367b.jpg

aeDSC04417b.jpg aeDSC04425b.jpg

aeDSC04395b.jpg aeDSC04388b.jpg

aeDSC04412b.jpg aeDSC04414b.jpg

aeDSC04430b.jpg  aeDSC04420b.jpg

She is a marathon runner, and just came back from the marathon held in Guam. See her medal!!
Her husband who also joined the differnt race from her won the first prize by the great minute difference:) Congratulations!!! A nice couple they really are!
ご主人も異なるレースに出られたのですが、大差で優勝されたそうです。 おめでとうございます! 本当に素敵な御夫妻です。


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Ikebana exhibition 花展 April 21

Hello everbody!! We will hold an ikebana exhibition at the class. We expect two guests from Australia. They were in the class some years ago, and will visit Hiroshima. They will join us in exhibiting their ikebana arrangements. Exciting!! Anyone is welcome:)
皆様 イケバナクラスの花展をします。今回は二名のゲストがオーストラリアから来られます。かつてクラスにいらした方々で、出品もされるそうです。楽しみ楽しみ(^^♪ どなたでもお越しくださいませ。

12:30-16:00 on Thursday April 21, 2016 (admission free)
at Florist Kobata 2F (12-16 Nobori-machi Nakaku Hiroshima)

4月21日(木) 12:30-16:00 入場無料
小畑花店2階 (広島市中区幟町12-16) 082-221-3515


for further information: eiko@hbs.ne.jp
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Sakura Sakura Sakura...

After the Hanami Picnic as you see in my previous article to this, we went to the ikebana regular class. Everybody made a fantastic arrangement with enhanced feeling probably given from the sakura fairy at the picnic.



4seDSC04124b.jpg 3seDSC04118b.jpg


6seDSC04150b.jpg 7seDSC04151b.jpg

8seDSC04137b.jpg 9seDSC04178b.jpg


11seDSC04114b.jpg 12seDSC04123b.jpg

13seDSC04133b.jpg 14seDSC04155b.jpg

15seDSC04176b.jpg 16seDSC04146b.jpg

17seDSC04187b.jpg 18seDSC04179b.jpg

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Hanami Pinic  お花見ピクニック

On a beatutiful Thursday morning, we enjoyed Hanami Picnic at a park in Ushita, Hiroshima. It was the morning after and before rainy weathers, and the temperature, sunshine and breeze were perfect for us. I wanted to keep chatting and laughing for the whole day.

1seDSC04094b.jpg 2seDSC04111b.jpg


5seDSC04080b.jpg 4seDSC04077b.jpg



Well something fun may be starting...

7seDSC04095b.jpg 8seDSC04088b.jpg9seDSC04089b.jpg

Someone started to dance with the Sakura song!!

10seDSC04098b.jpg 12seDSC04100b.jpg

Thus we really enjoyed the picnic. Thank you so much, everybody:)

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