Ikebana in English 英語でイケバナ

Congratulations! おめでとう!

Congratulations! She achieved getting the certificate of finishing the beginners' course:)

1seDSC04046b.jpg 2seDSC04049b.jpg

3seDSC04035b.jpg 4seDSC04033b.jpg

Otheres are working hard too. 皆さんも頑張っていらっしゃいます。
6seDSC04055b.jpg 5seDSC04040b.jpg 7seDSC04061b.jpg

Despite her coming home on the previous night from an ikebana tour to Thailand, she came to the practice with her elder daughter. See the beautifu mother and daughter posing for the camera:) What a warm family she has! Thank you A-san!

9seDSC04062b.jpg  10seDSC04063b.jpg

Now enjoy the arrangements! Sorry to those whose works I had no chance to photo...
さあ、作品をご鑑賞ください。 うっかり作品の写真を撮り忘れた方には、ごめんなさい。 皆さん、素敵な作品でしたのに。。。

11seDSC04050b.jpg 12seDSC04037b.jpg


14seDSC04064b.jpg 15seDSC04071b.jpg

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Ikebana presentation trip to Thailand タイいけばな出講旅行

2016年3月 タイでのイケバナ出講旅行のご報告です。
いけばなを通しての平和運動だと思って活動しています。 今年もミッションを成功裏に終えることができました。サポートして下さる皆様のおかげです。今年は昨年の大学に加えて、チュラロンコン大学でもお声がかかり、大変喜んでいただきました。政界のリーダーを輩出するタマサト大学、ラマ5世王のお名前を冠にするチュラロンコン大学、タイ中で最も有名な大学のひとつラチャパト大学、こういった由緒あるタイの大学でいけばなをご紹介できることを光栄に思います。今回の日程は泰日工業大学のカレンダーと合わず不可能でしたが、2017年には改めて訪ねようと思っています。
My mission for Peace through Ikebana 2016 in Thailand was successfully over. Thanks to my dear students who came and helped me a lot. Chulalongkorn University was newly added in our project this year. Chulalongkorn and Thammasat are two oldest universities in Thailand. Thammasat has turned out many political leaders of Thailand. The name of Chulalongkorn came from the name of King Rama fifth who was a wise king and prevented the nation from being colonized.
I am very pleased to have the opportunities to introduce Ikebana at the top universities in Thailand including those two and another famous university Rajabhat. Our itinerary this time did not meet well with Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology which I had last year, but I will visit and do for them sometime in 2017.
I found from my longtime researches that the skills of so called Japanese culture are based on warm, calm and cooperative philosophy. I believe that conveying the philosophy through Ikebana, in my case, to specially youths will help them realize the necessity of cooperation each other instead of fighting. I started to feel that eventually my activity is a part of peacekeeping operation.

*At Chulalongkorn University チュラロンコン大学


2se12873669_10206842061863414_1702475928_o[1]b 3se12528814_10206842043982967_312559919_o[1]b


4se12421835_10206842002701935_1359331121_n[2]b  5se12421972_10206842025022493_1936623064_o[1]b

6se12874123_10206842027822563_1216443486_o[1]b 7se12528617_10206841959220848_249188981_o[1]b

I got a beautiful token. The figure of King Chulalongkorn and letters 'Chulalongkorn University' are carved.


*At Thammasat University タマサート大学
Thammasat University has a Japanese language department, and everybody shows high interest in Japanese culture. I gave them all lecture in Japanese language. A lady in my assisitants is a graduate of Thammasat, and we had a lunch at the students' cafeteria. Not only she but we all were happy to eat among the students.
タマサート大学は日本語学科があり、日本文化にとても興味を持って下さっています。今回の授業は全部日本語でさせていただきました。 お手伝い下さっているお一人はタマサー大の卒業生です。懐かしがられて、授業後は学食でランチしました。楽しかったです。

3seDSC03759b.jpg 2seDSC03756b.jpg

4seDSC03763b.jpg 5seDSC03771b.jpg

6seDSC03780b.jpg 7seDSC03795b.jpg

8seDSC03742.jpg 9seDSC03805b.jpg

* Unfortunately, I could not take even a photo at Nakorn Pathom Rajabhat University this time. The professor welcomed us so much the same as last year, and I just missed the opportunity to take my camera out of my bag...
The photos below are from other places including Wat Bung Thonglang School, a florist' Close to the Nature' and the office in some company.
残念ながら、今年はナコンパトムのラジャハト大学での写真は一枚も撮れませんでした。教授方が昨年同様に、それは暖かくお迎えくださり、カメラを取り出す機会がないままに始まってしまったのです。。。 以下の写真はワット ブング ソングラン スクールの先生方、花屋さん、それにある会社でも従業員対象にさせていただいた際のものです。



4seDSC03515b.jpg 5seDSC03518b.jpg

6se12422143_10206842068623583_1109502458_o[1]b 3seDSC03503b.jpg


seDSC04305b.jpg seDSC04318b.jpg

seDSCN3022b.jpg seIMG_5536b.jpg

Ms P's beautiful alumna Pさんの素敵な同窓生たちです(^^♪

8seDSC04007b.jpg 9seDSC04001b.jpg


*The photos from the trip last year can be seen on my website 'Eiko's activity' page.
昨年度の旅行の写真はホームページ Eiko's activityのページにあげています。

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'Ikebana taught in English' class at the Rehga Royal Hotel Osaka

'Ikebana taught in English' class at the Rehga Royal Hotel Osaka finished the first term 2016 successfully last week. The class is held once a month. Now it's time for registration for the second term. Let me share some photos from the class I held. The visitors to Japan would be able to take only one lesson for an experience.
for registration : call 06-6441-2938 ( ask for an English response)  or   http://www.rihga.co.jp/osaka/culture

興味のある方はこちらへ。  電話:06-6441-2938 インターネット予約 http://www.rihga.co.jp/osaka/culture

Eiko Suzuki/ PhD of Aesthetic
Experienced Ikebana instructor of Ohara School
for further information, please e-mail me at eiko@hbs.ne.jp

鈴木榮子  芸術学博士   小原流いけばな一級家元教授
e-mail: eiko@hbs.ne.jp

The class starts with a presentation on Japan with many photos. The topic of the presentaton each time ranges widely from plants, art to Japanese social customs. The topic in March was 'Japanese and Cherry blossoms' .



Then an explanation about the material of the day is given, and how to make them into an ikebana flower arrangement is shown by demonstration.


seRIMG0058b.jpg seRIMG0057b.jpg

The following classes will be held on April 6, May11 and June 1st. I have already begun on preparing the presentation for April. For I need to go to Thailand for 10 days to give Ikebana lectures at several universities there including Thammasat University and Chulalongkorn University, and by my departure next week I want to be ready for the Rihga Royal Hotel April class.
I think I would find interesting topics in Thailand to share with my students in the classes in Japan.
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The Cherry

I found the cherry branches at the shop though still in March. In ikebana, we enjoy plants of the season ahead. I ordered the cherry with no hesitation.
もう、桜を花店に見つけました。 いけばなでは季節を先取りしますので、この日の稽古は桜と、すぐに決めました。

IMG_20160303_155848b.jpg IMG_20160303_155313b.jpg

sIMG_20160303_180738b.jpg sIMG_20160303_181341b.jpg

sIMG_20160303_155348b.jpg sIMG_20160303_155729b.jpg

sIMG_20160303_204105b.jpg sIMG_20160303_192646b.jpg

sIMG_20160303_175903b.jpg sIMG_20160303_181640b.jpg

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