Ikebana in English 英語でイケバナ

A class held in the mountain in Hiroshima 広島 野外クラス

Thursday June 18, 2015
An American lady A is leaving Japan next month, we will miss her much. On one Thursday in June we held a class and a farewell party for her in Geihoku, at the foot of the mountain. A light rain in the morning made the green deeper in color, the air fresher. We were fully satisfied with the environment.

Collecting materials まずは花材を採集
b20150618geihok5207s.jpg e20150618geihhana.jpg b20150618tamura5221s.jpg b20150618geihok5217s.jpg b20150618geihok5222s.jpg

Are we ready? Well, we all love to be photographed! 
さあ、始めますよ。 まずは撮影! 皆、好きなんです。。

e20150618grp.jpg b20150618geihok5215s.jpg b20150618geihok5216s.jpg b20150618geihok5225s.jpg

First, choose your materials. Do you remember that an arrangement needs main materials and filler materials?
e20150618arrnge.jpg b20150618geihokF5233.jpg  e20150618pk.jpg  e20150618work.jpg  b20150618geihok5231s.jpg  e20150618bkys.jpg

b20150618gehk5270s.jpg  b20150618gehk5309s.jpg  

b20150618gehk5301s.jpg b20150618gehk5299s.jpg

b20150618gehk5323s.jpg b20150618gehk5324s.jpg

b20150618gehk5329s.jpg b20150618gehk5290s.jpg

b20150618gehk5264s.jpg b20150618gehk5261s.jpg

b20150618gehk5251s.jpg b20150618gehk5249s.jpg


Some expressed their feelings by dancing:) 中には踊りだす人も(*^_^*)
b20150618gehk5279s.jpg b20150618gehk5283s.jpg

b20150618gehk5311s.jpg b20150618gehk5314s.jpg

b20150618gehk5257s.jpg b20150618gehk5287s.jpg

The wind rose! 風が吹いてきました!
b20150618gehk5331s.jpg  b20150618gehk5333s.jpg

b20150618gehk5275s.jpg b20150618gehk5277s.jpg

b20150618gehk5298s.jpg b20150618gehk5294s.jpg

We enjoyed lunch and became sentimental at the farewell coffee for A. She received the certificate for finishing the beginners course at the party. She is now in advanced class:) Congratulations!
お弁当も楽しみ、Aさんのお別れ会コーヒーには、少ししんみりとしました。 Aさんの初等科終了のお免状がこの日、届きました。もう本科生になられました(*^_^*) おめでとうございます!

b20150618geihok5228s.jpg b20150618geihok5229s.jpg


It was a wonderful day!! Thanks to all of you. おかげさまで、素晴らしい日になりました。 皆さま、ありがとう。

Flowers left over in the mountain went to the evening class in Hiroshima, and were used like this by an advanced class student. I was glad that I did not have to throw and waist the life of cut flowers.

b20150618gehk5346s.jpg b20150618yoru5350s.jpg

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Hiroshima Class:June, 2015 

We had three guests from overseas. S used to be in my class almost 20 years ago and now lives in Mexico. She has not changed at all and is a charming lady.


An American lady A visited us this week again and made a beautiful arrangement. アメリカ人のAさんは今週もいらして下さり、きれいな作品を仕上げられました。
b20150611Ad5134s.jpg b20150611AdAr5131s.jpg

Her daughter P also made a beutiful arrangement. 娘のPさんも素敵な作品を作られました。

M is a lovely lady from Switzerland. She is traveling all around Japan taking one year rest from her university. She speakes beautiful Japanese.

The lady who brought M made an vase arrangement beautifully. Mさんをお連れ下さった方です。瓶花をこんなにきれいに仕上げられました。
b20150611PkAr5141s.jpg b20150611Pk5144s.jpg

She will leave Japan soon. She will decorate her house back in her country like this. もうすぐ帰国なさいます。お国のご自宅を、こんないけばなで飾られるのでしょうね。(*^_^*)
b20150611Ang5118s.jpg b20150611AngAr5117s.jpg

Another beautiful mother and daughter! こちらも、素敵な母と娘です。
b20150611RnArs.jpg b20150611RnAm.jpg

Please enjoy more arrangements and beautiful smile of the ladies. 素敵な作品と、輝く笑顔をお楽しみください。

b20150611Yas5181s.jpg b20150611YasAr5178s.jpg

b20150611YosAr5148s.jpg bDSCF5151s.jpg


b20150611Elar511s.jpg b20150611Elar5115s.jpg


b20150611TmAr5158s.jpg b20150611Tm5161s.jpg

b20150611AyAr5165s.jpg b20150611AyAr5169s.jpg


I hope these photos help making your life a little happier:) これらの写真で、より幸せな気分になられますように。 (*^_^*)
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A few from Osaka Class

Bamboo shoot !! タケノコをいけました!


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Hydrangea in the rainy season雨の頃

We had another wonderful class! 今日も楽しいクラスでした!

Beautiful the mother and daughter!    母と娘で  素晴らしい!
ss20150604AmRn5031b.jpg  ss20150604PmAn5039b.jpg

This is the arrangemetn by the Rev. Mr. Higashi. I am glad to see that the arrangement done in the class is rearranged and given new life beautifully in his temple. I introdeuced his poem in my Facebook:) 広島市西区の太光寺副住職東和空和尚様の作品です。稽古された花が寺でいけなおしされ、新たな息吹を吹き込まれて飾られているのが、私もとても嬉しいです。

Please enjoy other arrangements では、他の作品もお楽しみください

s20150604HnAr5093b.jpg s20150604Hn5094b.jpg

s20150604Pk5067b.jpg s20150604Pkar5065b.jpg



s20150604Mg5061b.jpg s20150604MgAr5058b.jpg

s20150604Ayar5079b.jpg s20150604Ay5081b.jpg

s20150604Rn5029b.jpg s20150604RnAr5027b.jpg

s20150604Ysar5072b.jpg s20150604Ys5074b.jpg  

s20150604HsAr5084b.jpg s20150604Hs5087b.jpg

I hope you also enjoyed these photos:)  お楽しみいただけますように  ありがとうございました(*^_^*)

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