Ikebana in English 英語でイケバナ

Osaka Class in July 2014

Black-berry Lily is the symbolic flower of the Gion-Festival held in Kyoto in July.


Well, the class starts with a presentaion with power-point.


We had a guest student from Switzerland. She made a nice arrangement, and I hope the lesson would be a good memory of her visit in Japan.

0DSCF0152b.jpg  0DSCF0147b.jpg

Do you remember this beautiful girl?  She still lives in Shanghai, but came back to Japan for the vacation. She hasn't lost the sense as a Japanese:)
このきれいな娘さんを覚えていらっしゃいますか? 昨年もいらっしゃいました。まだお住まいは上海ですが、夏休みに帰国されました。ホラ、日本人の感覚もなくさず、国際人になっていらっしゃいます。(*^_^*)

020140722Hrm.jpg  0DSCF0157b.jpg

020140722hakyo.jpg  020140722Mich.jpg


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July class in Hiroshima

We had charming visitors of a mother and daughter in July. The school was over and is now in the summer vacation, I heard. The ikebana class may become a summer activity for the daughter.
素敵なお母さんと娘さんがいらっしゃいました。 学校は夏休みだそうで、いけばなが夏休み活動になりそうです。

They love flowers, and I can tell that through their arrangements. The daughter is very bright and she understands how to make an arrangement with my only one time explanation. The mother watches her gently and tenderly. And then she made her own arrangement easily. What a nice couple of mother and child!!
花が大好きとおっしゃいますが、作品がそれを語っていますね。 娘さんはとても聡明で、一度説明すると、そのとおりになさいます。お母さんはにこやかに、やさしく見守っています。それから、ご自分の作品を簡単に作られました。素晴らしいお二人でした!!

114b.jpg 117b.jpg

The hydrangea flowers are in peak now. All of these flowers are from the student's yard. Wonderful, and flowers must be happy too :)


She rose up to the higher level degree headmaster instructor. Congratulations! She is very eager to learn and concentrates on arranging every week in the class. I see a bright future for her!!
一段階、上級の先生になられました。おめでとうございます。 彼女はとても熱心で、毎週、集中して稽古を重ねられます。将来が楽しみですネ。


Everybody applauded to her, which I was happy too.

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