Ikebana in English 英語でイケバナ

Wonderful Visitors in Osaka Class

We had wonderful guests from Brazil in the Osaka Class. She hasn't lost her sense of ikebana. She brought her daughter who is proud of her mother very much saying 'My mom makes a beautiful ikebana!':)  Wishing the family blessed in her country!


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Hiroshima Toshogu Shrine 2014 Spring Festival


Hiroshima Toshogu Shrine held a spring festival, and some from my class offered ikebana arrangements as we do every year. The place was filled with spring fragrance of flowers displayed.
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Last Class Day for Mar: Hiroshima Class

This was the last class day for a German lady Mar. and we had a farewell lunch together. She had been in my ikebana class for 11 years. Her warm and serious attitude toward plants makes her arrange a beautiful ikebana arrangement everytime at the class. She concentrates in arranging when working during the lesson, and then she enjoys chattering with us at a coffee time. She is a bright and warm lady, and is loved by everybody. All of us will miss her a lot!

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MFuji from the plane

Mt.Fuji through the airplane window from Hiroshima to Narita in March. It was snowy morning and the sky was very clear. I could trace the figure of the Izu peninsula clearly.

3月 成田に向かう飛行機の中からみた富士山。雪の降る寒い日でした。空気が大変澄んでいて、伊豆半島の形もくっきりと見えました。
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Hanami Picnic: Hiroshima


4月3日(木) いけばな広島クラス開講前に近くの縮景園で、恒例花見ピクニックランチをしてきました。満開の花に若緑の葉がのぞき、ピンクの花びらが風に舞う。ワインも程よく、お弁当も美味。外国人クラブから友人がいらしたり、隣のグループの飛び入りがあったり、「サクラ~ 弥生の空は~」と歌ったり。それは素敵なひと時でした。午後からの大雨に、私たちラッキーだったんだと感謝・感謝。

On Thursday April 3, we had an anual cherry blossom viewing picnic from the Hiroshima ikebana class at the Shukkeien Garden nearby. Cherry flowers were in the most beautiful timing, with fresh tiny green peeking. Some pink petals were fluttering in the light spring breeze. Lunch was very tasty with a little wine. Some foreign friends joined us, we sang 'Sakura' song together. In our group photo, I found someone we don't know! He must have joind us from the next group to us. We had a wonderful time anyy! Thanks everybody!
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